Jurassic World (2015) (en)

Slogan: The park is open.

Jurassic World 2015


Critic Jurassic World Reviews

Manohla Dargis

MetaScore: 30 AddDate: 06-11-2015 Autor: Manohla Dargis

There’s more flab than muscle packed on this galumphing franchise reboot, which, as it lumbers from scene to scene, reminds you of what a great action god Steven Spielberg is. Too bad he didn’t take the reins on this.

Andrew O'Hehir

MetaScore: 60 AddDate: 06-11-2015 Autor: Andrew O'Hehir

Jurassic World unquestionably “delivers.” It feels like a hit; it offers a professionally crafted blend of blandness, predictability, watered-down cultural commentary and manufactured excitement.

John Anderson

MetaScore: 70 AddDate: 06-13-2015

The action sequences succeed in transporting one out of the theater and into a landscape of savagery and survival.

Chris Hewitt (1)

MetaScore: 80 AddDate: 06-10-2015 Autor: Chris Hewitt (1)

Jurassic World is fresh and thrilling, and while it often tips its hat to the original, it’s not a slavish copy, introducing more than enough new wrinkles into the prehistoric playbook to launch a new wave of sequels.

Liam Lacey

MetaScore: 63 AddDate: 06-11-2015 Autor: Liam Lacey

Jurassic World never breaks out of its own confines of homage and imitation. The movie ends up as an awkward, ungainly hybrid: large, but inconsequential.

Scott Foundas

MetaScore: 50 AddDate: 06-10-2015 Autor: Scott Foundas

It’s fun enough while it lasts, but somehow, finally, all too much and not enough. The problem isn’t that dinosaurs have ceased to impress us, but that dinosaurs alone are not enough to sustain us

Todd McCarthy

MetaScore: 60 AddDate: 06-10-2015 Autor: Todd McCarthy

Intensely self-conscious of its status as a cultural commodity even as it devotedly follows the requisite playbook for mass-audience blockbuster fare, Jurassic World can reasonably lay claim to the number two position among the four series entries, as it goes down quite a bit easier than the previous two sequels.

James Berardinelli

MetaScore: 75 AddDate: 06-10-2015 Autor: James Berardinelli

Despite having a slim resume (the quirky indie Safety Not Guaranteed), Trevorrow handles Jurassic World like a pro. He hits all the right notes, giving the two-dimensional characters as much heft as they deserve (which isn't much) and handling the action sequences like a seasoned veteran of Hollywood tent pole features.

Alonso Duralde

MetaScore: 52 AddDate: 06-10-2015 Autor: Alonso Duralde

Jurassic World never works all that hard to wow us, either with groundbreaking effects or with a story that remotely holds our attention.

Ben Nicholson

MetaScore: 80 AddDate: 06-11-2015 Autor: Ben Nicholson

From Pteranodon's dive-fishing to Raptors pack-hunting, Jurassic World is in its element when it's using its assets, and though they can't recreate that awe of twenty-two years ago, this is finally a sequel worthy of the title.

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